RaceQuest Favorites

We could just as easily have named this page "Stuff we love!" The products, services and organizations you see here are things we use ourselves; things we recommend and believe in. Years of world travel have played a part in shaping our endorsements. You could say we're a bit picky, but we only share things here that have passed our own real-world tests.


There are backpacks, travel bags, duffel bags, rollers, etc. and then there’s OGIO. Since day one at RaceQuest we have taken a careful approach when curating items that help us travel better. Our OGIO products have stood the test of time and literally traveled with us through airports, trains, mountain hikes, road trips, race transition areas, checkpoints and occasionally, conference rooms. OGIO is a high quality brand and partner from San Diego, California. Check out their variety of bags by clicking the OGIO logo or this button:



We've worked with the team at LuggageForward.com for a few years now. They help us and our clients get bikes and gear shipped door-to-door promptly. You can use them for one-way or round-trip shipments.

Here's the real bonus when you ship your travel items ahead: Free yourself up for further travels, and avoid TSA and airline hassle, avoid spending extra time in the Oversize Luggage claim area. (Yep, we’ve been there, done that!)


World Nomads Travel Insurance

As endurance sports athletes who love to travel, we know that getting yourself and your gear to the start line is never guaranteed.

Protect your trip investment, gear and even accidents and mishaps while traveling with the Explorer Plan from World Nomads. This is travel insurance tailored to your unique needs as an active traveler.

Obtain a quote for your race week tour or training camp on our website here: