Challenge Roth Packing List

Personal Items:

™        Valid Passport and I.D. plus one copy or photo of them (in case you lose the originals)

™        Copy of all official race registration documents

™        Mobile phone, electronics

™        Chargers, and a universal power outlet adapter

™        Any medications, nutritional supplements, eyeglasses, etc.

™        Road I.D. or emergency-responder wristband (not a must, but always helpful)

™        Credit card or AMEX (advise your financial institution you will be traveling internationally)

™        EUROS for incidentals (an ATM is located a couple of blocks from our hotel)

™        Car and house keys


Race Week:

™        A lightweight jacket

™        Sunscreen – in the summer it’s daylight in Germany until around 9:30 p.m.

™        Sunglasses

™        Comfortable clothing and shoes/sandals

™        A few favorite snacks (keep them sealed in airtight bags; we place ours in checked bags)



™        2 pairs of goggles (one for race day and a “spare”)

™        Flip flops or sandals

™        Swimsuit

™        Wetsuit - Sleeveless or Full Sleeve. (Pro Tip: Use what works best for YOU)

™        BodyGlide or TriGlide for easy in/out of your suit

™        Trisuit or your race day kit

™        Ear plugs and/or nose plugs if you use them regularly (Pro Tip: Don't try anything “New” on race day!)

™        Swim cap for practice swims

™        Lip balm

™        Foggies or any other goggle de-fogging product

™        Transition Bag



™        Your bike

™        Helmet (Pro Tip: Your race helmet must be in PRISTINE condition with all appropriate manufacturer’s stickers inside)

™        Bike SHOES and PEDALS

™        Chamois Cream

™        Pedal wrench and Allen wrenches (if you are assembling it yourself)

™        Bike bottle cages and bottles (or bike hydration system)

™        Spare tubes

™        Tire levers (if you race clinchers)

™        Electronics – bike computer, power meter, chargers, etc.

™        Sunglasses for the bike

™        Zip Ties

™        Electrical tape

™        Special nutrition

Please also bring an old towel or small blanket, as we will use this for handling and transporting your bike.



™        Race day kit

™        Running shoes

™        Socks – if you wear them

™        Race laces like “Lace Locks” for your shoes if you routinely train with them

™        Running shoe inserts – if you use them

™        Sunglasses for the run

™        Hat or Visor (you’ll receive a new visor from HEADSWEATS in your Gift Bag)

™        Electronics – Garmin, etc. and chargers

™        Run belt for nutrition

™        Bib number belt


SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Challenge Roth is unlike other races in that there is no such thing as a “Special Needs Bag.” Please read the Challenge Roth Athlete Guide and notes on the race website regarding race day course nutrition, aid station placement, etc.

Post-Race Bag:

™        Jacket or light clothing to change into

™        Clean socks / shoes / any special post-race recovery products