Challenge Roth Packing List

Personal Items:

™        Valid Passport and I.D. plus one copy or photo of them (in case you lose the originals)

™        Copy of all official race registration documents

™        Mobile phone, electronics

™        Chargers, and a universal power outlet adapter

™        Any medications, nutritional supplements, eyeglasses, etc.

™        Road I.D. or emergency-responder wristband (not a must, but always helpful)

™        Credit card or AMEX (advise your financial institution you will be traveling internationally)

™        EUROS for incidentals (an ATM is located a couple of blocks from our hotel)

™        Car and house keys


Race Week:

™        A lightweight jacket

™        Sunscreen – in the summer it’s daylight in Germany until around 9:30 p.m.

™        Sunglasses

™        Comfortable clothing and shoes/sandals

™        A few favorite snacks (keep them sealed in airtight bags; we place ours in checked bags)



™        2 pairs of goggles (one for race day and a “spare”)

™        Flip flops or sandals

™        Swimsuit

™        Wetsuit - Sleeveless or Full Sleeve. (Pro Tip: Use what works best for YOU)

™        BodyGlide or TriGlide for easy in/out of your suit

™        Trisuit or your race day kit

™        Ear plugs and/or nose plugs if you use them regularly (Pro Tip: Don't try anything “New” on race day!)

™        Swim cap for practice swims

™        Lip balm

™        Foggies or any other goggle de-fogging product

™        Transition Bag



™        Your bike

™        Helmet (Pro Tip: Your race helmet must be in PRISTINE condition with all appropriate manufacturer’s stickers inside)

™        Bike SHOES and PEDALS

™        Chamois Cream

™        Pedal wrench and Allen wrenches (if you are assembling it yourself)

™        Bike bottle cages and bottles (or bike hydration system)

™        Spare tubes

™        Tire levers (if you race clinchers)

™        Electronics – bike computer, power meter, chargers, etc.

™        Sunglasses for the bike

™        Zip Ties

™        Electrical tape

™        Special nutrition

Please also bring an old towel or small blanket, as we will use this for handling and transporting your bike.



™        Race day kit

™        Running shoes

™        Socks – if you wear them

™        Race laces like “Lace Locks” for your shoes if you routinely train with them

™        Running shoe inserts – if you use them

™        Sunglasses for the run

™        Hat or Visor (you’ll receive a new visor from HEADSWEATS in your Gift Bag)

™        Electronics – Garmin, etc. and chargers

™        Run belt for nutrition

™        Bib number belt


SPECIAL NEEDS NOTE: Challenge Roth is unlike other races in that there is no such thing as a “Special Needs Bag.” Please read the Challenge Roth Athlete Guide and notes on the race website regarding race day course nutrition, aid station placement, etc. Additional aid stations have been added for 2018.

Post-Race Bag:

™        Jacket or light clothing to change into

™        Clean socks / shoes / any special post-race recovery products

As a RaceQuest current client or past traveler, you may opt to reserve your spot now for the 2019 race and tour. We anticipate opening our race entry tours to the general audience on May 1.