Casa SWEET Casa!

 Our NEW training base in Costa Rica.

Our NEW training base in Costa Rica.

We've been holding back on this announcement, but now that the "ink is dry," we have exciting news for any triathlete or Coach looking for a training camp that will truly make a difference in your technique, skills, fitness and mindset heading into the 2017 season. 

We're in our NEW training paradise in Costa Rica. Sure, it was a tough task doing all of the "re-con" on these gorgeous swim, bike and run courses, but somehow we made it through! And as the photos attest, the new casa we've prepared for you is more spectacular than you can imagine. 

What's different this season?

We have refined and re-tooled our training camps in Costa Rica to make them:

  • MORE comprehensive - 5 nights instead of 4, with daily catered breakfast & dinner included
  • MORE luxurious at our new 5-star oceanfront location on Costa Rica's "gold coast"
  • MORE affordable and loaded with value for both athletes and non-training guests

To get a feel for what it's like to train with RaceQuest, we invite you to check out the photo gallery below. This gives you a taste of the pristine, open waters, brand new training facilities, running and biking, and of course the relaxation, recovery and magnificent sunsets that are your daily reward at a RaceQuest triathlon skills camp OR training week experience.

Want to bring your whole team? Contact us now, as our 2016-17 off-season camp calendar of December through April is filling fast. To book into an existing camp, go here and choose your dates. Our camps are designed to be inclusive and accommodate triathletes of every ability and level of experience.

PURA VIDA, and we look forward to training with you at the new Casa soon!

-Krista, Kelli, Scott and the entire RaceQuest Travel Team

Open House: Tour Our New Training Home in Costa Rica

P.S. Need even more reasons why you should join us to train in Costa Rica? Read this.

Racing the World

After touring for two successful months in Europe with our Challenge Galway, Challenge Roth new post-race tours to Prague and Salzburg then winding up our summer at the Tour de France, we're more grateful than ever to be doing what we love: serving the needs of our athletes and their families, introducing them to new races, places and faces. 

We return with more knowledge, more practical travel tips, and memories that can only be made when you pack your 49.9-pound piece of luggage and get that passport stamped. And stamped. And stamped. 

We have a series of posts coming soon that will break down every new thing we learned this summer, with the hope that it will inspire you to travel, make your own trips smoother, and encourage you to seek that view you've never seen before but have always day-dreamed about. 

In our experience, watching RaceQuest travelers take that big leap of faith to race or train with us in a different place, a different country, continent, or hemisphere never gets old. We see time and again how what unites us as athletes and human beings is a special bond that knows no nationality. It doesn't require us to be "fluent" but rather willing. Willing to translate dreams into goals, to make actionable plans, to take that leap into the unfamiliar. 

This video from DATEV Challenge Roth 2016 captures (almost) the strength and emotion that can carry you like a wave to the finish line of your dreams.

Make this the year you throw off the bow lines and set sail for something new. Maybe it's a fun training camp (and beach!) in Costa Rica, maybe it's the lure of storybook race courses in Ireland, Amsterdam, Iceland, or Italy. Or maybe it's the palpable energy from 260,000 screaming triathlon fans at Challenge Roth. (You hear them before you see them!) 

No matter the goals, we are always honored when we are there to see them achieved.

-Krista, Kelli, Scott and the entire RaceQuest Travel Team

Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit, Challenge Roth

Challenge Roth. Two words that make us smile, as we’ve just returned from the most beautiful little town in Bavaria that hosts the world’s largest triathlon. The memories made in Germany extend to our preparation for this trip; we were honored to partner with TriTravel of Australia and Race Force of the UK to form Challenge Tours.

As Challenge Tours, we served more than 350 athletes and family members, basing ourselves in Nuremberg, just a few minutes away from Roth and the race’s swim start in Hilpoltstein. The RaceQuest Travel contingent enjoyed time early in the week to acclimate to the 6-9 hour time difference and feel refreshed before the race. With our close access to a beautiful park, paved paths, and an 8-lane swimming pool, we ventured out each day into a triathlete’s dream training grounds.

Our week kicked off with a German-style welcome party with the Challenge Family – Alice, Felix and Kathrin Walchshofer (at right) – who greeted our athletes warmly. We toured the race course and took time to point out key features of the swim, bike and run. Registration was a breeze, as we were honored with our own dedicated registration desk at the expo.

All week we once again had the privilege of supporting our clients. At times it was with a helping hand, lifting a bike into our transport van. At other times it was a pat on the back and some encouraging words.

Hearing the cheers of 50,000 fans on the Solar Berg hill, entering the finish line stadium with 10,000 more voices, and riding an all-day wave of enthusiasm from 250,000 spectators is something you can only experience in triathlon at Challenge Roth. If you’re a long-course triathlete, or aspire to become one, you just have to do it.

But perhaps what we at RaceQuest Travel will remember most about our time in Roth this year was the hospitality and collective embrace of the German people. For that we are forever grateful.

To “race the legend” yourself, click here for our 2016 Challenge Roth race slot packages.

Mit tiefer Dankbarkeit (with our deepest gratitude),

-Krista, Kelli, Scott and the entire RaceQuest Travel Team

Photographs: (C) 2015 Christopher Jarc for RaceQuest Travel.

Bhutan: The Last Secret

"Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt."

The memories and impressions we brought home from Bhutan, our latest adventure running expedition with our partner, Global Limits, will be with us forever. There's simply no way to adequately share with you everything we learned - about this reverent culture, about the haltingly breathtaking terrain, about the happiness of Bhutan's people, about...ourselves. 

We posted photos of this adventure on our social media channels, but these captured some of our favorite moments of the race: being surrounded by vibrant prayer flags, playing soccer with monks, finding the joy that comes from simply putting one foot in front of the other. All of it is the inherent reward that awaited us after six days of racing more than 200km over 10,000m of elevation. 

If you're ready to challenge yourself, to see and run in a part of the world experienced by only a few, to climb and seek the finish line of a lifetime, join us for Bhutan: The Last Secret in 2016 by clicking here

Photographs: Krista (RaceQuest Travel) and (C) Dylan Ben Haskin (